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ITSF North America - International Tournament Soccer Federation

ITSF has long been known to professional foosball players as they compete to play in World Cup action in Europe.  Now, the ITSF has launched their ITSF North America website

TornadoFoosball.Com wants to join with ITSF and extend an invitation to established foozers and new-comers to  join ITSF North America.  Found or join a club!  Your club can be in the basement of your home, church, local rec hall or sports club - anywhere you fooz.  It is FREE to establish a club, and it is FREE to join one! 

If you want to be part of the North American ranking, participate to the US tour and be qualified for the next World cup 2017 in Hamburg (Germany), then you must become member (free) of the ITSF.

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Find tournament locations, results,

contacts and forums across the US.

Where to Play in North Carolina - If you want to play on late model, well maintained and lighted T3000 Tornado tables, visit one of our partner locations.


Bonfire BBQ - 1056 Patton Ave. - 828-255-0020

Steamers - 1513 Pierson Dr -, tournaments W (8:30) & F (9:00) Contact: Guy Turner through the Charlotte, NC Facebook link (below.)

Download the ITSF Table Soccer App. - Join the world's largest foosball community by discovering and exploring places where you can play table soccer. Attend tournaments and events and connect with players, event organizers and foosball shops.  Table Soccer App is a free application, developed by the ITSF, to connect foosball lovers from all across the world.
Everyone is welcome to join, share and manage new content to enrich the local and worldwide experience of foosball.

                                  FOOSBALL CLUBS USA

                                    "Foosball Clubs USA has grown out of the organizational efforts and successes of John O'Brien, a Technology Education instructor

                                     with the North Rose-Wolcott School District in Wayne County, New York.

                                    What started as only a hopeful idea in the Spring of 2011, forming a local school Foosball Club in small school district in upstate New York, has

                                    now grown into a fully incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to the formation of school-based foosball clubs throughout the country.
Foosball Clubs USA, is actively seeking other educators, particularly those who also play foosball, to partner with in developing foosball clubs in their school and community."