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* We are not the manufacturer, Valley-Dynamo, we are a dealer.

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Our warehouse is located at 8500 Ellisboro Road, Suite J, Stokesdale, NC, where you can pick up foosball tables on site.
Call for an appointment: 336-210-1194    

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So, how do we sell below list?  As the oldest Tornado foosball distributor in the US, continuously in operation since 1982:

  • You call us; we ship directly from our warehouse; typically within 24-48 hours.

*We are not a drop shipper, and we don’t provide tables to drop shippers.  They are middlemen who 

  know nothing about foosball or Tornado tables; their markup costs you more.

*We don’t pay fees and commissions to other sellers (also middlemen) like Amazon, Ebay, Et Al., for the privilege of advertising on their websites.  That costs you more.
*We don’t drop a boatload of cash on web advertising.  We’re in business because of our reputation 

  and reliable service. That saves you money.
*We use the best freight carriers at the best rates and we keep our costs low. That saves you money.

Our president, Charles, a professionally ranked foosball player, retired after playing for over 40 years. He and Russ King won the 3500 Limited in 1988 at the World Championships in Dallas, TX. He also made the finals of Open Doubles that year with long-time partner Rick Macias. (They were double-dipped in the finals.) In January, 2010 Charles was captain of the Senior Men's Team that took Silver in Nantes, France; a berth he won at the World Championships in August, 2010.

Charles has run a vending route of Tornado tables for over 35 years – the only table worthy of our high standards – and still operates a couple of locations.  He has run thousands of weekly local, as well as many dozens of internationally sanctioned tournaments, throughout his career.  If you have questions, he has answers.  There is no one more qualified to help you in your selection, or with follow up service.   

We're still providing the best foosball table in the world to the best people in the world - our customers!  We can't wait to meet you!