TOURNAMENT USED TABLES:  Discounted for one time use.  Brand new T3000 coin operated tables used one time, inspected and re-boxed.**  Coin mechs and balls not used. Coin operated tables can be set on free play! (Tournament tables are T3000 coin ops only.)  Contact!

SINGLE GOALIE TABLES: Tornado introduced the three man goalie in 1981.  The laminated surface is more durable than the single goalie ramped playfield, and since the table surface is level, the goalie rod has the same setup; i.e., the middle man is the only man that can block on that rod.  The two other men simply keep the ball in play…and give the goalie more offensive capability and access to the ball in all of his own area.   The three man goalie setup  caught on very quickly with both vendors and players alike.   Within a few years the new design was fully accepted by pro foosball players in the US.  Since then (1987) the three man goalie Tornado table has been the standard of all competition and the standard table for the commercial vending companies to operate on street locations in the US.  However, while until recently Tornado would only make a three man goalie, we now offer the one man goalie option also.  While the three man goalie is far more popular, some customers truly want the one man goalie option, so we offer both.   

CUSTOMIZATION:  Thinking about customizing your table - any model - (cabinet ends only, not playfield) with your logo? Supply your vector art and we will apply it to your cabinet before it ships. We can also have it created and shipped to you for your application.  
Contact!  (For info on cabinet colors, see FAQ's, below.)

OTHER USED TABLES:  The majority of our used tables are T3000, one-time tournament used coin operated tables.  Although it is not often, we do occasionally have other used tables, and discounted freight damaged (repaired) tables.   Most used tables sell within 48 hours, please call for availability.  336-210-1194

*In home delivery is available in many, but not all, locations.  Click on the Home Delivery Schedule for details.

*NO TAXES outside of NC. *You may be responsible to report and pay sales tax in the state you live in; refer to your state tax code for further formation. 

Commercial, Professional

Grade Tables

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Three Man Goalie Tables Standard

Single Goalie: See sidebar
***T3000 Platinum Tour Edition Coin Operated table (365 lbs.)

***T3000 Non Coin table, Professional Grade (355 lbs.)

Patented Tornado men improved with sharper corners and increased cross  section for better ball control and passing. 
Thin-wall split Competition bearings allow for greater control and shot blocking.
Classic Style blonde-and-black goal and match counters. 

Adjustable leg levelers and solid commercial grade legs. Color-keyed, super high grip, interchangeable handle system exclusive to Tornado.

Rugged styling with Stainless-steel laminate, bold logo graphics and

durable end protectors.

Split cabinet design with full-access top.
The primary difference between the coin and non coin machines is that the non coin  does not have the internal vending apparatus, nor the exterior coin mechanism.

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