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About Tornado Foosball - A Dealer of Tornado Foosball Tables

We are a dealer of Tornado foosball tables.  What has now become TornadoFoosball.Com, Inc. began in 1976 when Charles Mackintosh first played foosball on a Tornado table. "The increased precision, control, and overall enjoyment factor won me over immediately," he once said.

After four years in the USAF and while attending the University of Texas at San Antonio, Charles and his best friend and foosball forward Chip Lambert, assembled student loans to start a Tornado foosball route with six tables in the hottest rock and roll night clubs in San Antonio in 1980. There were local tournaments each week.

After moving back to his home state of North Carolina in 1982, he started Tornado of North Carolina. Since the early 1980’s, he has been involved with foosball on the national, state and local levels and has run local, guaranteed, sanctioned tournaments since. On Thanksgiving weekend, 2010 he ran his 28th annual NC State Championships. This is the longest-running State Foosball Championship Tournament in the country. Charles is a professionally ranked player and he and Russ King won the 3500 Limited in 1988 at the World Championships in Dallas, TX. He also made the finals of Open Doubles that year with long-time partner Rick Macias. (They were double-dipped in the finals.)  In January, 2010 Charles was captain of the Senior Men's Team that took Silver in Nantes, France; a berth he won at the World Championships in August, 2010.

After 35 years, Charles has retired from professional touring.  He continues to play in a weekly local tournaments. Charles is literally the only person in the world who does nothing but Tornado Foosball full time. There is no other occupation to distract him and this business has been built on the excellent, focused customer service that only he can provide with his unique background and knowledge of the game. In addition to sales, he is involved in limited promotional events and continues to operate a foosball route that runs from Greensboro to Charlotte, NC.

In addition to Charles and his wife Diana, there have been many dedicated foozers and family members who have invested their time and talents in making TornadoFoosball.Com, Inc. possible. Their consistent reliability in running tournaments and pitching in when called upon cannot go unmentioned. They are all valued members of the "team" and we are grateful for their many and varied contributions.

We are located just north of Greensboro, NC.
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Charles Mackintosh
January, 2011 - Nantes, France - ITSF World Championships
Senior Men's Doubles Captain
Silver Medalists

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