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Tornado Foosball tables are all we do, and all we've done it successfully since 1982.  We've been in  business for 35 years because  of word-of-mouth referrals and our superior service.  Of course, our low prices simply sweeten the deal.

We specialize in the game of foosball - where you put down your phone, turn off the TV and rock it out on the table with your family and friends!

We specialize in your satisfaction and making sure you get the right table for you.

Why would you buy from anyone else?

*MAP-Manufacturer's Advertised Price

  • TOURNAMENT USED TABLES: Discounted for one time use.  Brand new T3000 coin operated tables used one time, inspected and re-boxed.** Coin mechs and balls are not used. Coin operated tables can be set on free play! (Tournament tables are T3000 coin ops only.) Contact or call 336-210-1194.
  • SINGLE GOALIE tables are available in T3000 coin and non coin models only. Call Charles for 336-210-1194 for color and model availability.
  • CUSTOMIZATION:  Laminates can be chosen to suit any taste.  Please contact us for further information.   Your company or personal logo can be applied to the ends of tables!  Please contact us for further information.
  • OTHER USED TABLES:  The majority of our used tables are T3000, one-time tournament used coin operated tables.  Although it is not often, we do occasionally have other used tables, and discounted freight damaged (repaired) tables. Please call for availability.  336-210-1194
  • NO TAXES outside of NC. *You may be responsible to report and pay sales tax in the state you live in; refer to your state tax code for further formation.

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